The Store of Modern Childhood

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Does your child need a stab-proof vest, a cyber-bulling phone case or a dirty blazer for school?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

You can browse our collection by clicking on the items below.

You’ve probably worked out by now that our ‘shop’ is not real.

Stab-proof vests should never become part of the school uniform.

The collection is based on the voices of overlooked children, who tell us they feel scared, ignored and unable to cope.

Youth should be a time of optimism and happiness.

But for many children it’s the complete opposite. From poverty and crime, to exploitation and bullying, the reality of modern childhood is harrowing.

 So instead of ‘shopping’ today, by clicking on one of the items ‘for sale’ you can make a donation that could help support young people deal with their worries and fears in one of our pioneering, drop-in mental health services across the country.

It’s time to show young people they matter.  #IHearYouth